Educational Center of the Medical University of Lodz - end of project


On 28 March 2013, at the Auditorium 1000 of the Educational Center of the Medical University of Lodz, the Senate  held a formal sitting devoted to the project "Educational Centre of the Medical University of Lodz" co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment Programme.
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 About the project:
The project commenced on 7 May 2009, when the Rector of the Medical University Prof. Assoc. Paweł Górski signed a contract for financing the investment "Educational Center of the Medical University of Lodz," worth over 60 million zł.
Educational Centre of the Medical University is an investment in the future of teaching through an infrastructure that will fully utilize and develop the potential of scientific research and the quality of education in our school, as well as create new teaching standards ready to compete with foreign universities.

Thanks to this project our University will be able to train students more efficiently both in the theoretical and practical fields. The Educational Center consists essentially of:
• A lecture hall of over 1000 seats, fully computerized and automated, which ensures the highest quality of teaching.
• Educational laboratories consisting of classrooms, which also can hold over 1100 people, and labs.
• 20 seminar rooms equipped among other things with the state-of-the-art:
phantoms to study emergency medicine,

• devices for vibration and temperature sensation,
• equipment for fundus examination and EEG
• audiometers and apparatus for testing the state of the bone.

• Unique research laboratories, combining the functions of both a high level of didactics in the field with the capability of advanced and innovative research:

• Dental Centre - equipped with the latest generation of dental assemblies and phantoms for training students and a laboratory for investigation of the application of new materials and technologies in dentistry
• Biotechnology - a complex comprising six laboratories
• Laboratory of Movement and Human Physical Performance
• Laboratory of 3D Anthropometry
• Laboratory of Virtual Microscopy
• Laboratory of Sense Organ Function
• Laboratory of Blood Pressure Regulation and Autonomic Nervous System Function