MUL's co-operation with UAB and MDACC

We are pleased to announce that the Medical University started cooperation with two leading universities in the United States, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in Atlanta (which is in the Top 20 American universities in 2011) and the MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) (Houston, Texas) - the largest and most recognized center of cancer treatment and research in the world. 

These actions are the beginning of the Medical University's initiatives aimed at facilitating effective international cooperation by the research groups of our university and co-applying for international grants. 

International cooperation is now the responsibility of the Office of International Cooperation, which began its activities in June managed under the new director, Professor Maciej Banach. 

1. In collaboration with the UAB joint research projects are planned for selected research groups from both universities. While in Birmingham Prof. Kordek and Prof. Banach met with many distinguished representatives of UAB including UAB Vice President for Research & Economic Development, Dr Richard Marchase and Provost, Dr Linda Lucas.  They also met with number of  distinguished doctors and scientists: Prof. Richard Allman, Prof. Robert Bourge, Prof. William Cook, Prof. Susan Oparil, Prof. George Howard, Prof. Robert Kimberly, Prof. Donna Arnett (photo above).  By the end of this year an agreement is scheduled to be signed necessary for the following activities: (1) scientific cooperation - bilateral, designed to prepare joint grant applications, including in the forthcoming Horizon 2020 program, (2) exchange of scientists and academics, including short training trips - specialization (1-3 months), and (3 months) international doctoral studies. Detailed information about the university can be found here and here. More co-operants welcome! If you are interested in any of the forms of co-operation, please contact the Office for International Cooperation (Mrs. Justyna Strumiłł

2. In May this year Prof. Banach visited Houston, MDACC (, where he met, among others, the Vice President of the center - Prof. Olivier Bogler. During the meeting the basis for bilateral scientific co-operation were put in place for selected research groups in both institutions, including: (1) exchange and training of research and, above all, (2) scientific co-operation, which will aim to develop a basis for joint grant projects for the future Framework Programme Horizon 2020, for which the first calls are to be announced in September 2013. We encourage interested individuals / research groups / research units to work with MDACC! If interested, please contact Ms. Justyna Strumiłło - justyna.strumillo @

The Medical University will endeavor to join a consortium of Polish universities and institutes of MDACC, for which the consortium agreement was signed in Warsaw on 2 July 2012. The Polish side will be represented by Ms. Barbara Kudrycka, The Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Please do contact us by the end of July 2012 if interested in co-operation with above mentioned entities. Further details of this co-operation will be published in the Information Bulletin of the MUL.