Production of polyphenol extracts of plant origin
with antiplatelet and cardioprotective properties



Aim of the project

The objective of the project is to work out three polyphenol extracts of plant origin (two new generation diet supplements and one active medical ingredient), which will show antiplatelet and cardioprotective properties. The project aims at production of innovative and competitive products, which can potentially be useful in the prevention and therapy of cardiovascular diseases.

Project objectives

to determine antiplatelet properties of extracts
to determine cardioprotective properties of extracts
to determine cell cytotoxicity of extracts
to determine other biological properties of extracts
to determine the biological safety of Extracts.



Extracts are isolated from plants of Polish origin.

Antiplatelet and cardioprotective properties are assessed using flow cytometry, platelet aggregometry, and molecular biology methods assayed in human blood, cell cultures and animal models.


General information

Project supported by Structural Funds of EU, Operational Programme Innovative Economy –
Research and Developement of ModernTechnologies

  • Total support over $ 2,5 mln
  • Over 30 scientists involved
  • Project duration: 3 years (2009 –2012)

Scientific Consortium 

Project Leader: Medical University of Lodz
Department of Haemostatic Disorders

Technical University of Lodz
Department of Biotechnology and Nutrition

University of Lodz
Department of General Biophysics


Key persons

Managing Board:

Prof. Cezary Watała
Dr Marcin Różalski
Ass. Prof. Jacek Golański

Project Manager:
Mikołaj Gurdała

Authorities of the Medical University of Lodz:

Rector: Prof. Paweł Górski

Rector’s representative for University Development and Promotion
Przemysław Andrzejak 

Business partners

Polish biomedical/pharmaceutical companies cooperating closely with the participants of the Project





The results of the project will be patented and implemented to production by the pharmaceutical industry. In general, the project combines science and business, giving a chance for new employment and development in the region.

Project Office

ul. Stefanowskiego 12/16
90-924 Łódź

tel. +48 42 6313868
fax. +48 42 6313868