The Medical University of Lodz runs a PhD program in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and biomedical research. This program is addressed  to  international students who are looking for research and teaching opportunities in the field related to  life sciences. The graduates of the PhD programs often become faculty members at medical schools, universities and research institutes. Our University is one of the best medical schools in Poland. Faculty of the PhD training program consists of successful scientist with great teaching skills. Our excellent faculty members will help you in conducting your own research from the planning stage to preparing PhD thesis. Very low student-per-faculty ratio enables direct interaction between students and tutors. Regular meetings of students and faculty advisors are aimed to help young investigators in developing a blueprint for study that integrates both mandatory and elective coursework and reflects a student's unique interests. Joining this program allows you to participate in several national and international research projects in many areas utilizing well equipped labs and friendly staff.

Our PhD program curriculum is designed for four years, however for hard working researchers with excellent results and impressive publications there is a possibility of shortening the program down to two years. After graduating from the program students are obliged to present  their PhD thesis and may obtain the PhD degree in medicine, medical biology, pharmacy etc, depending on the thesis content. 
The program consists of mandatory classes and unlimited numbers of hours devoted to research and student-faculty conferences.

To fulfill the PhD course and obtain the PhD degree positive notes from  3 exams are required: doctoral examination on PhD thesis subject, philosophy (or ethics or history of medicine or pharmacy) and foreign language.

The detailed program you may find here
We strongly encourage all interested to contact the Division of Doctoral Studies for International Students