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Molecular Mechanisms of Tissue Fibrosis (MOMENTO)

Project summary:

Molecular Mechanisms of Tissue Fibrosis (MOMENTO) is a research partnership that builds capacity and enhances knowledge between Poland and Norway on fibrotic mechanisms. Fibrosis, characterized by the accumulation of a collagen-rich extracellular matrix (ECM), is a feature of a number of fibrotic diseases including hypertension, myocardial infarctions as well as the malignant neoplasm. Despite numerous studies, many questions regarding the molecular and cellular mechanisms associated with the development of such diseases still remain unanswered. MOMENTO combines a group of laboratories with different expertise ranging from biochemistry, molecular biology, medical biology, cell biology and transgenic techniques. This unique multidisciplinary group of investigators intends to characterize the mechanisms underlying the early processes such as initiation and perpetuation of skin and lung fibrosis. The concept of this consortium is to combine innovative technological tools with in vivo and in vitro fibrosis models. Comparing the results of our research conducted at the cellular and organism level will significantly influence the state of knowledge of fibrotic diseases. The physiologic, metabolic, cellular, molecular networks in these processes are highly complex and require an analytic platform enabling the evaluation of disease at multiple levels, i.e. cells, tissues, proteins, mediators, and genes. A mechanistic understanding of fibrotic processes will pave the way for identification of genes and proteins for use in early detection for prevention and treatment strategies. We hope that our research on fibroblasts and myofibroblasts will find an application in medicine and biotechnology, not only to monitor the treatment, but also to contribute to the development of new effective therapies of diseases associated with fibrosis.

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